Sesame Street at SDCC!

The cast of Sesame Street hung out at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and we’ve got a couple of videos. Watch as they’re reunited with Maria, and Big Bird sings a new version of ‘Sing After Me’. Plus Hasbro showed off the Cookie Replica you can order now!

The Top 10 Songs of: The Count

Kieran Moore – When I first started writing character charts for the Muppet Mindset there were a few I was instantly worried about tackling. For some it was because they were particular favorites and I wanted to do them justice, for others it was the fact that I know the character is really cherished by fans;…

The Science of Cookies

Jarrod Fairclough – Just a couple of weeks ago Oscar appeared on Ellen and got schooled in kindness.  Today Elmo, The Count and Cookie Monster have appeared with regular Ellen guest, child genius Brielle, to make – what else – cookies! The whole thing is very adorable and very educational.  Take a look!

The Count Counts Around Queensland

Jarrod Fairclough – It’s always a delight here in Australia when we get things that American’s don’t.  We got all seasons of Fraggle Rock released before you, Labyrinth’s 30th Anniversary Blu Ray is already available here, and just recently we had an advert with The Count! I say ‘we’, but really it was Queensland, which is…

Remembering Jerry Nelson

Jarrod Fairclough – Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of the passing of Muppet performer Jerry Nelson, who for over 40 years played The Count on Sesame Street, originated Floyd Pepper on The Muppet Show, and played Gobo on Fraggle Rock. Rather than sit here and reflect on Jerry’s life and career, I thought it would be best to…